About Us


MAAKE MEDIA (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) is a legally incorporated close corporation domiciled in the Republic of South Africa and registered in terms of the law of the Republic, in particular the close Corporations Act No. 69 of 1984 as amended.

The company was registered on the February 2007 with the Registrar of Companies and close corporations. The Principal description of the business is BRANDING / PRINTING. (GRAPHIC DESIGN – SCREEN PRINT – EMBROIDERY – LITHO PRINT – SIGNAGE – LARGE FORMAT – DISPLAY: ie Vehicle Wrap, Billboard, Shop Front, Light Boxes, Vinyl Prints, Magnetic Stickers, Banners, Pull-Up Banners, Canvas/PVC, Contra Vision, Uniforms, T/Shirts, Caps/Pens, Jackets, Bags, Conti Suits, Mug Printing, Flyers, Business Cards Letterheads, Labels/Tags, Events Tickets, Envolopes, Posters, Calenders, Brochures.

The idea of the starting a business was by founder member Tebogo Praise Maake The idea was initiated when the member saw the opportunity in the industry which is currently booming as the country is focusing on infrastructural development as well as catching up with the Printing for our schools, clinics, hospitals, banks and many more.


  • Provide integrated, holistic and professional services to all projects with surgical precision and passion to all our clients.
  • Deliver timorously, accurately and diligently.
  • Together fight poverty and create jobs.
  • Embracing our diversity enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.
  • High performance (stretching our individual and team capabilities to achieve innovative and superior outcomes)
  • We are committed to zero harm to people and the environment.


To be value adding institution that is measured in safety, Financial, Products people process performance, skill transfer, human development and to all our important clients and their respective stakeholders.


To become a force to be reckoned with, highly competitive, top rates in safety and exclusive organization for sustainable solutions through project based, client tailored management approaches.